VANDELLI Photochromic Silver/ Air Bronze

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Product description

If you're looking for a bold, fashion-forward style sport eyewear, the iconic aviator-style redesigned as performance sunglasses makes a statement. The stainless steel frame is incredibly durable, bounce proof and lightweight. It offers a high-tech modern take on a timeless classic that keeps you looking in fashion on or off the trails. The VANDELLI Photochromic  is recommended for Trail Running, Paragliding, Golf and everyday life. 

Product specifications

Lens Material

Lens properties
  • Photochromic
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic
  • Anti-reflection
  • Anti-scratch
  • 100% UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm

Lens category

2 to 3

Lens transmittance

41% to 16% (activated)

Lens color

Air Bronze

Frame material

  • Metal frame: stainless steel
  • Nose and tips: silicon

Frame color



58□14 -140




  • Semi rigid Alpinamente case
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth


Whether you’re active and running across fields or hiking in the shade cast by mountains or walking in an urban scenery among skyscrapers or biking in a park, the light intensity might change frequently. Photochromic lenses darken automatically when exposed to sunlight and seamlessly adapt to the perfect shade under varying weather conditions. 

Our photochromic sunglasses line offers the optimal range between clear and dark transmittances for outdoor activities. In bright conditions, lens darkness will never compromise your vision and focus, for an optimal eyesight in action. 

If you are used to training in very bright conditions you might prefer the darker lenses. In this case, have a look at our Polarized Sport Sunglasses line.


When you are serious about sports, the SPORT ACTION LENSES are a critical feature for your high-intensity exercise. Made of super lightweight polycarbonate with anti-reflection coating. The water- and oil-repellent coatings combined with the anti-smudge treatment keep the lenses always clean from sweat and dirt, for a crystal clear vision under intense exercise. The additional treatment with a scratch-resistant hard coating assures maximum durability and reliability.


Soft silicon temple tips and nose pads for increased grip and comfort. The titanium core is fully adjustable for the perfect fit. Choose between Regular and Asian nose fitting .


The stainless steel metal frame is incredibly durable, flexible and lightweight. A barely-there feel that looks great too! 

Product Care

To help maintain your Alpinamente performance:

  •     Rinse with water or dishwasher soap after every use to remove residual sweat from lenses and frame. Don't use other solvents or chemicals.

  •     To avoid scratch, use exclusively the microfiber pouch provided to clean the lenses.

  •     Always use exclusively Alpinamente semi-rigid case or microfiber pouch to store your frame. Do not use plastic zip bags. Contact with plastic can damage or compromise the performance of your lenses.