Trail Running Sunglasses

Ruth Croft @ruthcrofty - 2841m Photochromic

Someone decided trail running sunglasses have to look like they were stolen from a ‘90 movie. Furthermore, fashion and lifestyle sunglasses have to bounce and slide at the first drop of sweat, while their lenses have to be a mess of sweat and dirt.

Alpinamente combines market leading technical elements with a sense of style to create trail running sunglasses that are at home on a mountain trail as they are in the city, blurring the lines between sport, leisure, exercise and social life.

Designed for and tested thoroughly by Alpinamente trail running athletes on every grounds - from woods to peaks, from desert to snowy mountains.

Incredibly durable, flexible and bounce-proof, they are so light that you forget you are wearing them and while sweating they don’t slide and don’t go down your nose. Sweat and dirt-proof, the lenses have anti-reflection, anti-smudge and scratch-resistant properties. 

Step up your game: Photochromic Sport Action lenses darken automatically when exposed to sunlight and have all the must-have features for an optimal vision, comfort and protection from dawn till dusk, under any weather conditions.