Performance Sunglasses

No matter what sport or outdoor activity you love, take your game to the next level

Hi-Tech Performance Sunglasses

Someone decided sport sunglasses have to look like they were stolen from a ‘90s movie: those that wrap around your face to protect you from sun, wind and at the same time, remove any chance you have of looking good. Furthermore, they accept that fashion and lifestyle sunglasses have to bounce and slide around at the first sign of sweat, while their lenses become a mess of moisture and dirt.

We strongly disagree. 

Designed with functionality at its core, Alpinamente uniquely combines market leading technical elements with a standout style to create smart performance sunglasses. They are as at home on a mountain trail as they are in the city; blurring the lines between sport, leisure, exercise and social life.

The classic favorite designs fused with the best functionalities that modern technology has to offer for the outdoor enthusiast looking for performance.

What matters most to the Alpinamente team is providing you with a product that enables you to perform at your best in the pursuit of your passion. Be it trail running, mountain biking, skiing or any other outdoor sport - you can rely on Alpinamente sunglasses.

Worn the world over, no matter what your outdoor pursuit or where in the world it takes you, Alpinamente performance sunglasses has you covered!