About Us

Did you ever sneak in the kitchen at 3am on a Saturday morning?
Me, was to grab some food, ride the bicycle to eastern Alps, be back for lunch, just few minutes before my father came back from work, so he could pretend not knowing I had been rock climbing again. Life was good: cross country ski in the winters, running, mountain bike, hiking, climbing in the summers.
Play, train, race, repeat.

In 2002 I had to find a job, that in Cadore, a valley in the eastern  Alps, means eyewear.
Eyewear is the backbone of the local economy, and Cadore is the backbone of the Italian eyewear industry. I worked in eyewear industry since.

Until the mountains called back.
Than the training called back.
Than the racing called back.
Back to the starting blocks, new playground, new game.

Summer Is Coming (cit.)
Sun is hot, very hot...and bright, very bright.
So I made sunglasses for my coming adventures.
Wanna play?